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E X P E R I E N C E   V E N A O 

We believe that the best moments happen when we're following our passions, creating and sharing memorable experiences with open minded people, in beautiful and authentic places, like Venao!

Its natural beauty, its community and activities make Playa Venao a unique destination appealing to an audience looking for connection, physical and mental well-being. We know thats it incredibly important to spend your time off and to get all the information you need in one place. It's why our founders went on to create Venaolife.


So our role is to make sure that you discover things that you wouldn't find out any other way. Let us navigate you through the options and create an outstanding experience with everything Venao has to offer!


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Venao has many options for lodging on the beach and we will help you identify the perfect fit for you. Whether you are seeking a private luxury haven or prefer a jungle immersion experience closer to nature or want to be in the center of the action, we have got your back.  We will navigate you through all the options, present pros and cons of all possibilities and proceed with the booking of your choice.

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Depending on the amount of days you have planned your trip to be and on the wants and needs of the group and each person individually, we will curate a day by day itinerary together that will include gastronomical experiences, learning exchanges, discovery tours and individual or group activities of your choice. We will make sure everything is available, organized and set, prior to your arrival. 

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With recently incorporated flights to Venao,  traveling here becomes easier. We will make sure to understand any timing needs or budget constraints to make sure you can make the transportation decision that best fits the requirements of your trip. Whether by air or by land, we will get you here as fast, as comfortable and as smoothly as possible. 


Introductory Call

it is important that we understand your wants, tastes and interests. We will  schedule a call to discuss your goals and vision for your trip, and we will brainstorm together on how we can help you experience your Venao dream.


This is where the fun begins. We take the input form our call, our local knowledge, and our years of experience planning events and projects around the world and go deep into every detail, ensuring every element of the experience is taken into consideration for the curation of your trip.


All final decisions on activities and selection of menus will be made at this time. We'll put together a simple but formal agreement that contains all the information and details of the experience and its execution


We proceed with bookings, confirm that all initial selections of services are available as requested  We will keep you informed of the progress as we move along and the date arrives.

On Site Support

 We will be available to support you and answer any doubts you may have before or during your stay. We look forward to welcoming you to our little piece of heaven on earth, where the jungle meets the sea.










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As part of the Venaolife experience, it is important for us to incorporate an exchange that will contribute something meaningful to your retreat. Depending on the objective of your trip, individually or as a group, we have discovered innovative ways of unleashing potential and feature this event as an integral part of your time here. We would like to offer opportunities that allow for development and growth of mind, body and soul. During this time we invite you to think deeply, to open fully, physically and emotionally and to be creative, critical and passionate about the understanding of yourselves and others and our place in this world. This growth experience is one way of offering both time and space to focus on individual development within the context of self, peers and community.  




Let us lead the way into temptation and organize a singular gastronomical experience your taste buds will remember always. Venaolife will organize an unforgettable dining experience in a truly unique estate located 10 minutes from Venao in between the hills of Cañas, where luxury and style meet paradise and privacy. Enjoy a pre-selected fusion menu made specially for you and catered in a charming and sophisticated setting that offers breathtaking 360 panoramic views of the ocean and jungle alike. Apart from that We will additionaly curate list of  the best restaurants for all the meal options during your stay. 

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If you're more into alternative healing treatments or are just looking for something new to try, Venaolife has got you covered. Sound bath meditation is an extra sensorial healing experience where those in attendance are “bathed” in sound waves that give an internal massage to your organs.  The sounds are produced by various sources, including instruments such as gongs, chimes, etc. At the same time you will experience the transitional light machine that mimics daylight through LEDs, affecting positively the pineal gland and the circadian rhythm.

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Regression Therapy is a type of hypnosis session in which the therapist can guide you to moments of your past in this or other lives. By reconnection to past events, the root cause of phobias, issues, concerns, and more can be found. By seeing it from another perspective, healing can be achieved. Some people come to this session without a specific theme to work on, but with curiosity to se what they can learn from their past and bring into the present. 





This half day trip is one that never fails. During the month of october you can expect to find Tuna, Sierra and Dorado in the ocean which will be prepared and served ceviche for your immediate enjoyment. The experience is for a max of six (6) people. It would leave directly from Venao and will have a duration of approximately 5 hours starting at 7 am. The amount of hours can be reduced if required. As this is one of the most sought after activities in Playa Venao, reservations in advance are highly recommended.





La Cascada Trail, is a 20 minute walk good for beginners and ideal for a relaxing time in nature. You will walk through Eco Venao, a reforestation “resort” that has planted 25,000 trees on 30+ hectares of land in the last 13 years, encountering different types of trees along the hike including the Royal Palm, Jagua, Espavé, and the Panama Tree, among others. Once you reach the waterfall a beautiful guided meditation will allow you to deepen this relaxing experience. Take a moment to dip in the water and let the naturally soothing sounds cascade over you. Keep following the trail all the way up to the top where you’ll likely pass some howler monkeys and finish with a beautiful view of Venao. 





Besides the beach in Venao you will find an intriguing world of mangroves, wetlands and estuaries with an interesting bird and marine life. Enjoy your leisurely wander around the channels discovering hidden spots. If you decide to head out at dawn or for the afternoon sundown and cruise gently across the serene waterways, be it on kayak or Stand Up paddle, you will be surrounded by amazing river forest vegetation and many miles of pristine dense mangroves. Set up an appointment with time to make sure you are able to see this ecological wonderland. The best time to go is during high tide.





If your experience with yoga has led you nowhere maybe its time you try some private classes in the beautiful ocean front yoga dome that Villa Marina has to offer. Any type of yoga can be coordinated whether you want a solo class or one coordinated for the interested members of the group. We invite you to move a bit with a slow, mindful flow that will leave you relaxed and unwinded for the day, or try a more fast paced heart racing and burning yoga. Whatever you fancy yoga wise, we can surely provide it and arrange it for you.





Ready to brush up on your surfing skills? In Venao we have many instructors fit for your every need. Whether you are a skilled surfer or a beginner with heart, we will make sure to pair you with the best option for your surfing needs. For the weekend we can coordinate board rentals and class packages for you to leave even better than when you arrived. We will recommend the best surf spots for your level and rest assured there will be fun to be had with this sport in Venao. It is the go to activity to see and be seen!

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When was the last time you had a massage with the sounds of the waves as your real background? Probably way too long. Let us remedy that by choosing your favorite massage option to relax any sore muscles and get you good and ready for the return back home. You just need to sit back and enjoy getting pampered by the best hands of the beach. Let us know what you like in terms of technique and strength and we will organize for you some blissful moments of joy for your body and soul. 





Riding a horse along a pristine beach, waves lapping at its feet, wind blowing through your hair, beautiful views in every direction? It’s a scene from the movies – or your dreams. You will want more after living a ride inside the rainforest, galloping on the beach and watching the breathtaking views of the Venao landscape. Horses are tamed for all levels and personalities and the good news for riders is that beach horseback riding requires such well-trained horses that it is open to beginner riders. Don´t think about it twice. There is something exhilarating and new about this experience that definitely presents a different way of getting to know Venao.





Need a Chiropractor or want to try one? We have some of the best right here in Venao. Seek no further and you will get healing and a deep soul searching experience. Make sure not to leave without booking a session here. We can honestly say that the work is not just good for Venao, it is exceptional in itself as you will see for yourself by the immediate results in your body and spirit. Both the experience and the intention that is brought to this healing has made this one of the most sought after healing options on the beach.

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The charter flight from Panama City to Pedasí is by far the best option when planning a weekend retreat to Playa Venao. It is a fast and comfortable 45 minute flight that leaves from Albrook Airport.


The return flight can be coordinated to land in Tocumen International Airport for an additional cost. We suggest you travel with carry-on luggage. It is a very safe flight and will let you enjoy the views of the city, the ocean and the green hills of Los Santos Province. 



Your trip will start by being picked up at your hotel in Panama city that will take you to Albrook Airport for your charter flight to Playa Venao. Once you land in Pedasí Airport, a private shuttle will be there waiting to take you to your Villa Marina Condo lodging in Playa Venao   and return. 


If a permanent transportation is required during your entire stay in Playa Venao to be available at all times, please let us know so we can arrange this accordingly.