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Travel Time: 45 minutes
Price range - $100-$235 

The charter flight from Panama City to Pedasí is by far the best option when planning a weekend retreat to Playa Venao. 

There are regular commercial flights 3 times a week with Air Panama, a national airline.  

If you are interested in flying and your schedule does not fit the commercial flights offered?  Private charter flights are also available upon request. 


Contact us!  And we can help book for you  a private charter or find you a seat in the private charters that are usually running  few times a week upon request. Their prices are as competitive as the regular flights, depending on seat availability.

The flight lands in Pedasí Airport which is a 25 minute drive away from Playa Venao. Once in Pedasí, you have the option to get a taxi to Playa Venao or to rent your own car there to have and drive during your stay.

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Travel time: 5.5 hours
Price range: $40 - $70

There are many shuttle service providers from Panama City to Venao. They manage different hours and days of the week with departure times from morning to afternoon. Prices will vary between various providers as well as the amenities offered on board. You can come directly from Tocumen Airport, be picked up at your hotel in the city or meet at the established pick-up points.

This option is great for people traveling solo, in groups or large families as you have the comfort of relaxing, sleeping, even catching up on work during the drive, without any hassle. It is a great way to get a direct transfer from A to B, so we consider this the best in- between choice.  Book with Us!

*If you are in no rush to get to Venao and are looking to save some cash for spending, contact us so we can send you updated dates and times of weekly shuttles. If the schedules of the programmed shuttles don't fit your travel plans, let us know so we can set you up in a private shuttle at your required time from your requested location.

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Travel time: 5-6 hours
Price range: $200 - $240

This is a very comfortable and private way of reaching Venao from Panama City and it is less expensive than you might think. When the flight option is not available this is the next best option and a favorite when sharing the ride. You will be picked up by a private driver at your Place and Time.  You will be able to stop for groceries/snacks along the way and will also avoid you the hassle of getting stopped for license/registration during the drive. So, if you prefer to drive by yourself with your party, in a relaxing and convenient way, this is a great option!  Hire your driver!

*Some people take advantage of this option to do a night drive and arrive in Venao faster, as no traffic or police stops will be encountered on the drive. Wake up fresh after a smooth ride, with all your energy intact for the fun times ahead.

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Travel time: 5-6 hours
Price range: $60 p/day

If roadtrip vibes are calling out your name, you can rent a car in Panama City for the duration of your trip and return it on your way back. Here is the route!


The whole journey takes about 5-6hrs (370km). Most important thing is: Do not leave during rush hour! Best times to leave the city are between 10 am – 2 pm.

* Most people visiting Venao have their own cars which gives them so much flexibility when reaching remote areas, nearby beaches and surfing spots. And if you are traveling with another option but would like to have a car once you get here, please contact for us the best car rental options in Venao. We now have a gas station in Venao. It definitely makes everything easier.

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Travel time: 7 hours
Price range: $20 p/p

If you are traveling on a budget and are choosing to use the public transport by Bus, it can be a little tricky but here we provide you with all the information you will need.

Unfortunately, there is no direct bus so you will need to make several changes. The route will be Panama City (Albrook) – Las Tablas – Pedasí – Playa Venao.

Albrook National Transport Terminal - Las Tablas ($9,25)

Las Tablas - Pedasi  ($4)

From Pedasí, we suggest 2 options for the last stretch to Playa Venao: share a Taxi ($40) or a local minibus (only 3 per day, last bus around 3pm) ($8). 
*This is the longest but most affordable option for those needing those extra $$$. Take into consideration that buses leave Albrook every hour on the hour from 6 am – 4 pm, so we recommend you leave Panama city early in the morning so you can get here with enough time and light to check in and get settled.



Not clear on what is your best option?


To guide you on this incredible journey and how you get here is the beginning of it and should be selected according to your needs, desires, schedule and availability.


Let's make this part of the experience as enjoyable as everything you will do once you get here. Tell us your specifics and we will recommend accordingly. 

Thank you for your message! We will  get back to you shortly. 

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